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Our Features

We integrate external databases and software to meet your business needs.

Full API integration

CRM API allows developers to have full API integration with almost any system or application you use. This includes your other web-based applications, such as your website, internal systems, accounting software, and other cloud products. This allows you to share data between your systems and streamline your business processes.

Merged audience

Use your budget for the perfect target group and increase your company's ROAS. Targeting audience segments can boost your campaign's performance by reaching people who browse websites, use apps, or watch videos. With Trader CRM integration you can reach the right audience for your company.

Smart Budgeting

There are many ways to budget your CRM integration. The goal is simply to spend less than you earn, but life doesn't usually work like that. Some problems occur when you don't expect them. When money is tight or you're saving toward your goals, the following five steps can help you stay organized and disciplined. 

User Friendly Interface

Imagine a scenario where your CRM works like Google. This means that any team member can easily take it over and start tracking customer interactions within minutes. When this happens, it can prove to be a real gem for your business.

Efficient analytics 

CRM analytics is data that shows your company's performance in sales and customer service. CRM analytics also represent customer data that you can use to make smarter business decisions. Typically, you use CRM software to obtain CRM analytics and automate all your data collection and reporting.

Digest e-mails

Email summaries are currently available as an opt-in feature in electronic mailing list systems. In Google Groups, it is called a short summary. Systems other than mailing lists implement such a feature. YouTube summarises all messages to users within a given time period into a single email.

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